Annabhau Sathe Loan Scheme

Annabhau Sathe Nigam Loan Loan Scheme 2024?

In today’s post we will discuss Action Leader by Social Justice Department of Maharashtra Government Annabhau Sathe Loan Scheme Complete information about the LASDC scheme is implemented by Annabhau Sathe Corporation Government of Maharashtra Run Scheme Matan In JI LA like our national key is being done for the community people of the state and this will benefit the Matang ji society more.

What is Annabhau Sathe Corporation Loan Scheme | What is Annabhau Sathe Loan Scheme?

Annabhau Sathe Corporation Loan Scheme is an important scheme being implemented by the Maharashtra Social Justice Department which is being implemented like LASTC. This Anubhav Sathikar Scheme is for the below-poverty-line people of the Mata community in our state Maharashtra. LBSDC Loan Scheme 2024 Maharashtra is being implemented to provide economic and social assistance

Sahitya Ratan Loktantric Annabhau Sathe Vikas Nigam Lokshanti Annabhau Sathe Devki is providing financial assistance to those people of our Matang community in the state of Maharashtra to uplift the life of the people of the Matang community from below the poor to those who are in poor condition. He is helping the people of the Matam community in social, educational, and economic development to get a respectable place in society.

What are The Benefits of The Annabhau Sathe Loan Scheme?

Annabhau Sathe Lok Shayari Annabhau Sathe D Company Limited covers the following 12 castes and castes

1. Matang

2. Mang

3. Mini-Maading

4. Dankhani Maang

5. Maading

6. Madari

7. Maang Maharshi

8. Maang Garudi

9. Radhe Maang

10. Mang Garudi since 2012

11. Madagi

12. Madiga Two sub-castes are included.

Annabhau Sathe Corporation Loan Scheme and Information

1. Term Loan Scheme:?

Under the term loan scheme implemented under Annabhau Sathe Hay Cooperation Loan Scheme 2024, term loans can be given through NSDC for various businesses of the beneficiary in which the investment in the business is up to ₹ 500000. The tenure is up to 5 years and the interest rate on the amount given under the Annabhau Sathe Mahamandal Loan Scheme will be 6% while the interest rate on the remaining amount will be 4%.

2. Mahila Samriddhi Yojana?

Under this scheme, women are getting corona up to Rs 50000 per beneficiary, in this a corporation grant of ₹ 10000 and a vein grant of ₹ 40000 is being given under LBSDC Runner Scheme 2024 Annabhau Sathe Nigam Scheme in women prosperity schemes from the year 2004 to 2005. This scheme is being implemented only for women. Under this Mahila Samriddhi Yojana, widowed women will become powerless, and rich women can be given priority. The benefits under this scheme are given through a chain lottery. Under this scheme, the initial income limit for women in rural areas is ₹ 81000, and for urban area women the limit is ₹ 100000 ₹ 3000

3. Margin Money Scheme?

In this scheme, like the capital scheme, the Arun limit is from ₹50000 to 7 lakh, 10000 rupees will be removed from the corona amount and 5% of the remaining amount will have to be given by the applicant and the corporation will have a share of up to 20 and the remaining will be up to 75 with the bank. You will have to cry, like this scheme, you have to pay up to four per cent interest every year.

Annabhau Sathe Nigam Scheme Beneficiary Eligibility and Conditions

1, Applicant should belong to the Matang community

2. Applicant must be a resident of Maharashtra state

3. It will be necessary to follow the terms and conditions of the corporation

4. The age of the applicant should be between 18 years to 50 years.

5. Have not received benefits from the corporation’s scheme before

6. The A limit for rural women ranges from Rs 120000 and for Shayari women is Rs 98000

Annabhau Sathe Nigam Scheme Required Documents?

1. Income Certificate

2. Cast Certificate

3. 2 passport-size photographs

4. Ration Card

5. Educational certificate.

6. Aadhaar Card

7. Mobile number

8. Proof of ownership or rent of business premises

9. Driving license

10. Experience certificate

11. Affidavit

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